God and I are one


Daily reflections: Tuesday: May 13/14


Gospel John 10:22... there were many things about Jesus which people did not understand or grasp and today\'s Gospel is a good example of this inability to understand. We read Jesus said, “Father and I are one”. By these words Jesus is telling the people that he has been awakened, enlightened, and become aware of the Divine Presence within him. As St. Paul wrote, “your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit” and by these words he is teaching the people of his day ,in our day ,Divine Presence within all of us. This is a hard to grasp my believers. There still that attitude of looking up in the sky and putting God in the sky in this undated idea still persists to this day. Yet, when we reflect on passages of Scripture, really hear about people\'s personal experiences and perhaps our own, then we are able to be awakened, to be enlightened, the Divine Presence within us, among us, and in all living creatures. All of creation is infused with the Divine Presence.


Reflection: would you say you\'ve been awakened to the reality of the Divine Presence within you?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you clearly teach the reality of the Divine Presence within you, within  all of us, and all of creation. I pray that this awakening will be experienced by more and more people because when we do will become more aware that all of creation, all living creatures, including myself, are sacred. Amen