Daily reflections: Thursday: May 8/14


Scripture: Acts 8:26... this is a very interesting story. We read that Philip was inspired by the Lord to go down from Jerusalem to Gaza. Following the expiration of the Spirit Philip met up with an Ethiopian  eunuch. The Ethiopian invited Philip into his chariot and he asked Philip to explain the Scriptures. Philip explained the Scriptures to him and as they came to a pond of water they eunuch asked for baptism. There are said to him, “if you believe with all your heart, you may be baptized” . He replied, “I believe”and Philip baptized him on the spot. We read that the eunuch experienced baptism as a new beginning in his life and was overjoyed at the experience of being baptized. It was a whole new life for him.


Reflection: , when you recall your baptism, as you are today, does being baptized be a source of joy for you?


Prayer As I reflect on the baptism of the eunuch I realized that my own baptism set my life on the direction of meaning and purpose. It gave me a life-giving relationship with Jesus and with God and this has meant everything to me on my life journey. Amen