living bread


daily reflection: Tuesday: May 6/14


Gospel John 6:30... after feeding the people with five loaves it seems that people had the idea that Jesus should just keep multiplying loaves of bread so they wouldn\'t have to work for a living, or else they could take it as a sign that Jesus was who he claimed to be, or who they thought he claimed to be. Jesus saw their delusion and by speaking clearly to them he shattered their delusion and tried to help them to look at and see the reality as a really was. Jesus said to them; “I am the living bread”. Think about this for a while, how could Jesus be living bread? It\'s clear that this is a metaphor and a living bread Jesus by his love and compassion, by treating people equally and including them in all things, by the open table in the sense that all were welcome without any requirements to God and God\'s love. This was news to them and perhaps after thinking about it they got the message.


Reflection: can you say that Jesus is living bread for you? If so how so?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you are indeed living bread for those who discover your presence and the presence of God in the hearts, and experience God\'s unconditional love and healing power, we are set free to love and be healers of others. Amen