false self/true self


Daily reflection: Monday: April 28/14


Gospel: John 3:1...John writes that a Pharisee named Nicodemus came to Jesus with a question over a manner that is baffling for him. The question the Pharisee puts to Jesus is this, what does that mean to be born again? There are various ways in which Jesus could\'ve answered this question, however when Jesus  speaks about being reborn again is not referring to going back into one\'s mothers womb, but rather a person giving birth to his true self, to a true self which is mature, takes responsibility his/her  decisions, and as a result of giving birth to one\'s true self that ego loses control of a person\'s life. Most people direct their lives by their ego and its ego is too strong it can be very instructive for oneself and certainly inflict pain on other people.


Reflection: what do you think about when Jesus says you have to give birth yourself?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, this teaching on giving birth to oneself needs the grace of God to recognize the role of one\'s ego and by the grace of God and by transformation to give birth to their true self which enables a person to live a genuine authentic life. Amen