literal or metaphor??


Daily reflections: Thursday: April 24/14


Gospel with 24:35... as we read the Gospel stories after Easter there are many stories of Jesus appearing and speaking to his disciples. One explanation of this is that the disciples experienced visions of the presence of Jesus in this was written into a story for the purpose of convincing people that resurrection was a reality. In particular, it was to prove that Jesus was the son of God just as Caesar in Rome came to be the son of God. It was important to the early writers that Jesus was equal to or even greater than Caesar. So what is the visions experienced by the disciples became a starting point for the story. In this Gospel we read that Jesus; “over their minds to understand the Scriptures”. This was very important then and it\'s very important now, the followers of Jesus open their minds to understand the Scriptures by not taking them literally but as a metaphor, as a sacred story, and invites people to search for the underlying meaning which is meant to be life-giving for us today.


Reflection: are you able to move past literal reading of the Scriptures and search for meaning in the sacred stories?


Prayer Gracious God, I know that you speak to us to the sacred stories and the challenge to me is to explore those stories and discover the meaning and purpose for our own life. I trust the Holy Spirit to enlighten me in this work. Amen


LTC West\'s