eat Eucharist in or to be Eucharist


Daily reflection: Wednesday: April 23/14


Gospel Luke 41:13... this is a story about two friends of Jesus walking from Jerusalem to a village called Emmaus, and as a talk they recount the last days of Jesus, his arrest, trial, declaration of innocence, and finally his crucifixion and death. They are discouraged and downhearted, the deal that has all come to an end and is now a failure. Suddenly they have a sense of the presence of a stranger joining them in their journey and explaining to them the Scriptures. When they reached the village invite a stranger to join them at supper. While we were eating the stranger took bread, blessed and broke it, I gave it to them. We read, then their eyes were opened and they recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread


Reflection: when you are at mass you recognize Jesus in the breaking of the bread?


Prayer: As I look back on the Easter experience where Jesus took bread, blessed, broke, and gave it to his friends say; “this is my body take and eat”. I recognize this experience is being repeated at mass and reminds me that when I take Eucharist I too agree that I am blessed, are willing to be broken, and to give my life in the love and the service of other people. I come to Eucharist to be nourished and fed so that I may be Eucharist to others. Amen