women to co-minister with men ??


Daily reflection: Tuesday: April 22/14


Gospel: John 20:11... for some time now we will be reading stories that follow Easter and the resurrection. In order to help the people in believing John and the other writers go to story that was meant to inspire them to faith. Much of the story is not factual but rather it is a parable. Having said that, today\'s Gospel talks about Mary Magdalene going to the tomb finding it empty, and she has some kind of vision of Jesus. Then Mary Magdalene rushed back to tell the apostles that she had seen the Lord.. It is for this reason that we acknowledge Mary Magdalene as the first evangelist. It was Mary who first announced resurrection and what is important here this message was delivered by a woman. Women co-ministered with women in the very beginning of the church. However, over time men took over and women were relegated to the tasks of cleaning the church, washing the linens, making the sandwiches, and the other roles of preaching and teaching was taken over by men.


Reflection: as you think about this you think that women have a more ministerial role in the life of the church?


Prayer: Mighty Spirit, I pray that you will enlighten the religious authorities so that they will treat women as equal and as a result welcome them into a preaching and teaching role in the church. There\'s so much more that women are able to give with their gifts and talents and it is time that they were given the opportunity. Amen