the pain of betrayal


Daily reflection: Tuesday  of Holy Week: April 15/14


Gospel John 13:21... as we read John\'s Gospel this week we really see and discover the humanness of Jesus. In our traditional story to focus has been on the divinity of Jesus, as son of God, and therefore not really like you and I. Yet nowadays, when we look at the humanness of Jesus  you see a man who really suffered just as you when I suffer and there\'s no pretense of being protected from suffer attributed to his divinity... no Jesus up fully human person knows well the human journey and a human experience. Today we read where Jesus said; “I tell you, one of you will betray me.” This must have been very painful and distressing for Jesus to realize that one of his friends was going to betray him. This must be one of the most stressful and painful experience of any one of us. To be betrayed by a friend is an ultimate disillusionment and at times can break the heart.


Reflection: have you ever experienced a betrayal by a friend?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you experienced the pain of betrayal by a friend whom you loved and you believed he loved you. To add insult to injury he did so for 30 pieces of silver. I know that I have experienced betrayal in my life, and probably I have betrayed others, so I asked for the healing of that memory both for me and those who I may have betrayed. Amen