dualtistic thinking/non-dualistic thinking


Daily Reflection: Monday: April 14/14


Gospel John 12:1... This Gospel continues the story around the healing of Lazarus, the story which tells us that Jesus is able to bring new life out of death, keeping in mind that the word death waits to heavy burdens which sucked the energy out of people. Here, Mary anoints the feet of Jesus and Judas Iscariot criticizes her say that the money for the oil could well have been given to the poor. Remember, Jesus is a safe and steal from a common purse. He is in no position to criticize or condemn Mary for doing this, secondly or to condemn Jesus for allowing her to do so. The story speaks of balance which comes from what we call not dualistic thinking... that is not either/or but both/and. Daily conversation would tell us that so many people are caught up in dualistic thinking, this is a very immature way of looking at the world, and often results in judgment and condemnation. On the other hand, where there is genuine maturity people think in terms of both/and we tell people to cope with the ambiguities of life and to avoid rash judgment.


Reflection: as you listen to people you notice dualistic thinking?


Prayer: Spirit of God, dualistic thinking does so much harm both to the person who is trapped in dualistic thinking and also brings about judgment and condemnation which harms relationships and bring much negative energy into our society. I intend to think non-dualistically in the future. Amen