words can be stones


Daily reflections: Friday: April 11/14


Gospel: John 10:31... some of the people in the temple were very angry at Jesus, we read; “they took up stones again to stone Jesus”. In some ways stones can be a metaphor for unjust criticism, gossip, defamation of character, running down a person\'s good name, speaking ill of another, activity bad behavior when e is covered in these Muslim Yahoo there all day, whether in a totally live in a thin sheet of PC if he is in something a whole are the chances are he 50,000 well I don\'t know when three (you did. You know the consequences when it is using a clone is time to call. Seems he is going back to\'s not true... there is so many ways of throwing stones today in bringing pain and hardship in the lives of other people.


Reflection: remember this saying; “sticks and stones will break my bones but unkind words will never hurt.” Now his adult we know this is not true... what has your experience taught you?


Prayer: Lord Jesus, you always spoke kind and affirming words to people in order to help them restore their self-worth and self-respect. I pray with the help of the Holy Spirit I will reject any unkind words and speak only words of kindness and affirmation. Amen.