life after life


Daily reflections: Thursday: April 10/14


Gospel John 8:51... we read Jesus is in the Temple teaching the people and as it happens so often people were surprised in what he said and in this instance they were upset and became very angry. Here he is what Jesus said; “truly I tell you whoever keeps my word will never see death.” Some other people thought he was saying that they would never experience a physical death. Yet, many of them had seen a member of their family or a friend die and so Jesus statement upsets them. However, it is the interpretation of the statement that support. If we do not think this statement literally then we can see Jesus was not saying that people would not die but rather he would say there is life after life. When we understand this then we can see that the words of Jesus are filled with hope and promise for the people of his day and for us today.


Reflection: what does the teaching of Jesus do for you?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, so often people misinterpreted your words and your teachings and as a result they become angry and want to reject your teaching. As I reflect on this teaching, I understand it as good new, that there is life after life and death does not have the last word. Amen