immature/mature faith


Daily reflections: Thursday: April 3/14


Gospel: John 5:18... in this gospel John has Jesus claiming his authority to teach about God and the things of God. Jesus compares himself and his teachings with John the Baptist and his teachings. And basically he said to them that they believed John but they are refusing to believe Jesus. This reminds me of what I see frequently that Catholics believe traditional teachings enter its own ways of doing religion and because it is traditional we are suspicious of anything new. In fact, many Catholic adults refuse to even learn the new story which combines science with religion. Those who refuse are living out of secondhand faith... that is the faith and belief system and practices that they learned as a child and have never seriously doubt any of this and are not mature enough to do critical thinking. If people do critical thinking they move from secondhand faith to first-hand thing which is their very own by which they live and serve.


Reflection: would you say you live out of secondhand faith or first-hand thing?.


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, I know that I have to struggle with my belief system because I know most of it is traditional and is secondhand faith, however, I am convinced that with the grace of God I will study the new story, do some critical thinking, and develop first-hand faith. Amen


Inspiration: It is magical to discover your innate power...

                 .... Stretch to your full potential