be a healer


Daily reflections: Wednesday: April 2/14


Gospel: John 5:16... we read that Jesus healed a man who was paralyzed and he did it on the Sabbath. Immediately, the Jewish leaders started to persecute Jesus because he was doing such things on the Sabbath. Notice that they do not rejoice at the good fortune that came to the paralyzed man who is now able to stand, walk, talk and laugh and rejoin his family they should have been rejoicing and celebrating that they were criticizing. This anger religious leaders has been building for a long time and this is just one more happening on the journey to having Jesus arrested and put on trial. The religious leaders were not able to see the goodness that came from the compassion of Jesus and the unconditional love of God.


Reflection: have you ever seen someone being critical of someone who has been fortunate and blessed?


Prayer: Jesus the healer, again you have shown the people your great compassion for those who suffer and your willingness to bring about healing and wholeness for those who are ill. I know that by using my compassion I too could be a healer and I do this by loving those who suffer, by simply holding their hand, I spending time with them and listening, and above all be moved by the Spirit to pray with them and this I will do. Amen


Inspiration. Joy is the infallible sign of the presence of God.