personal responsibilty


Daily reflections: Tuesday: April 1/14


Gospel John 5:1... John has Jesus on his way to Jerusalem and of course it is in Jerusalem that Jesus will run into resistance and the anger of religious leaders and Roman authorities.. In the meantime, he comes across people who are waiting by a healing pool so they might step in the pool and be healed. There was a man there for 38 years and he never managed to get into the pool on time to be healed. Jesus asks him a strange question: “do you want to be made well? We would think that the answer would be self-evident, the fact that he was by that pool would speak for itself, that he wanted to be healed. However, Jesus had the insight to realize that that while he said he wanted to be healed in fact was he was content to be sick, he saw himself as a victim of circumstances, he was looking for somebody to rescue him. Jesus called his bluff. He said to him; “standup take up your mat and walk” and the man did. Jesus forced him to take his own responsibility for his health and well-being and not to be looking for someone to  rescue him.


Reflection: you think Jesus was too harsh but that meant by the pool?


Prayer: Lord Jesus you had a way of seeing through people\'s defenses and their unwillingness to take responsibility for their own well-being. I intend to choose to live a healthy lifestyle and be responsible for my health and well-being. Amen


Inspiration do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.

As we make our life journey keep in mind it is heaven all the way to heaven.