why believe?


Daily reflection: Monday: March 31/14


Gospel: John 4:43... the question is... what is it that enables people to move from unbelief to belief? In today\'s Gospel John has Jesus telling the people that unless they see signs and wonders they won\'t belief and it seemed very clear that Jesus wants people to believe as a result of some other motivation. However, Jesus seems to contradict himself because he heals the child of the royal official and does so from a great distance. Then we read that when the royal official realizes child has been healed he and his whole household believe. They believe because they have seen the sign of a child being healed by Jesus and from a large distance. This story is a paradox or Jesus says he doesn\'t want people to depend on signs and yet he uses a sign to bring about the faith of the royal official.


Reflection: did you ever ask yourself a question... why are you a believer and follower of Jesus?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, I often wonder why I believe, why believe in God, why believe in Jesus why continue to be a follower of Jesus? I know in my heart that it is the Holy Spirit which we enables me to say yes to a belief in a God of unconditional love and Jesus who during his lifetime did God so well. I know that with the help of the Spirit I to can do God well. Amen