love or law


Daily reflections: Friday: March 28/14


Gospel Mark 12:28... in this gospel is a scribe came to Jesus and asked him a question. The question was: what is the most important commandment? Keep in mind that the scribe had a background in religion with hundreds of rules and regulations and how would you pick out which was the most important. Jesus went right to the heart of the matter we simplified all the rules in the two; “love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourself”. He could not be more simple for the people of his day and the people of our day. We can easily tell if we are being a faithful follower of Jesus when we can say yes I love God with my heart and yes I love my neighbor as myself. Who do we call our neighbor? Our family and friends, Jesus said love your enemies, the earth is our neighbor, animals are our neighbors as are all living creatures. We simplify and make religion much more doable where they keep the mind that Jesus will God with our heart and love our neighbors.


Reflection: would you say that loving God and loving your neighbor be sufficient?


Prayer: Spirit of God, I pray that the Spirit would help me to be non-judgmental so I will not discriminate and push anybody out to the margin. I firmly believe that with the help for the grace of God I can even love my enemies and turn my enemies into my friend. Amen


Inspiration. And what is the work of love?

It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your heart... charge all things you fashion

With a breath of your own spirit.


Work is love made visible.