Mystics Matter by Frederick Bauerschmidt


The author brings to light the writings of several mystice:Thomas Merton, Theresa Of Lissssieux Hildegard of Bingen, Julian of Norwich, Meister Echhart, Ignatious Of Loyola, and Catherine of Siena. Althouhg the autjhor references serveral mystics it is not a larg book howeveer he does  bring forward in a very simple and readable style the spirituality of each mystic.

If you have ever wondered about the mystical writers, but found their writing too difficult, then Why the Mystics Matter Now is for you.

This inviting guidebook for contemporary readers serves as a primer to a body of wisdom that is often viewed  as to difficult to understand, but, is still revelant to the problems we face today.

With an unconvential, engaging, and oftenplayful style, Bauerschmidt stips away the barriers. making them ystics less intimidating and more accessible.