Teilhard\'s Mass on the world by Thomas M. King, SJ


Pierre teilhard de Chardin once wrote \"I thank you, my God, in that you have made me a priest.........\"The Priest. Teilhard writing in July 1918.


\"The mass of the world\" is a lengthy prayer written by the great theologian Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Rich with imagery and passion and suggesting more than it states, it remains Teilhard\'s most popular essay. In Teilhard\'s Mass, Thomas King explores the heart and mind of the man as no other approach has done.
    Furthermore,Teilhard\'s Mess shows how a Christian can transform one\'s life and death into an all embracing Mass on the Altar of the World. The recent encyclical on the Eucharist speaks of every Mess having \"a cosmic dimension\". This will enables those interested in the liturgy to understand the claim.


A quote from \"The Priest\".    As far as my strength will allow me, because I am a priest, I would henceforth be the first to become aware about what the world loves, pursues, suffers. I would be the first to seek, to sympathize, to toil, the first in self-fulfillment, the first in self denial----I would be more widely human in my sympathies and more terrestrial in my ambitions than any of the world\'s servants....
   this is why I have taken on my vows and my priesthood (and it is this that gives me strength and my happiness) in a determination to accept and divinize the powers of the earth....

father Leo.... I have read many of de Chardin\'s works. As a matter of fact his writings have made a great impact on my life especially coming to appreciate the everywhere God, the God embodied in all of creation, and to understand the word he used \"panentheism\" as a way of speaking about God\'s indwelling presence in the human heart, and all live forms, and in the universe. I am deeply grateful for the manner in which my mind and heart has been transformed by his works.