Wisdom of the Celtic Saints by Edward C Sellner


Wisdom of the Celtic saints is a straightforward description of Celtic spirituality that has ever been my pleasure to read. The stories are delightful and Sellners introduction is an elegant little masterpiece.
Andrew Greeley


Wisdom of the Celtic Saints should be required reading for  Celts and nonCelts alike! Using all the scholarly tools at his command, Sellner now makes the richness of this tradition available with wit and grace.
Brother Patrick Hart


Sellner awakens us to the strength and wisdom of the men and women who lead the Celtic Church and founded it\'s monastic colleges. I am delighted to find here that their supportive spiritual guidance can penetrate the veil of time and space.
Shirley Toulson


Edward Sellner writes, \"listen with your hearts to the stories and sayings of the Celtic Saints. Allow them to become spiritual mentors again, teaching contemporary Christians about soul friendship and about ancient spiritual heritage\".