Eternal Life: a New Vision by John Shelby Spong


Over the centuries people have frequently asked question, after this life what is there? Is there life after life? Do we have any reason to hold to life eternal? Again, many answers have been given to this particular question. There's some who say that death is the end of all, that there is no life after life. However, Spong in his book eternal life a new vision gives us reason to hope and believe that there is indeed life after life, there is such a thing as eternal life. In this book the author does not hold many other authors in order to make a point. Rather he talks about his own evolution over many years of his life which included study, Ministry, and all the experiences which he is head which has led him to believe and to hold that there is life after life. Some of this material may be rather shocking to some readers especially when he writes about his ideas about God and religion. I particularly liked the notion that we live in God and we die in God. It reminds me of the Scripture which says; ”in God we did it and move and have our being.”

If you are wondering about the possibility or the reality of life after life, which he called eternal life, then I think this is a great book for you to read. For me, it has confirmed what I've held for a long time that since I am. an energy field, and since energy cannot be destroyed but only transform, that death I will be transformed into some other way of being. The content of this book reinforces what I've held for myself for many many years. If you're questioning if there's life after life than I would highly recommend this book to you.