The secret message of Jesus: by Brian D. McLaren


The secret message of Jesus: by Brian D. McLaren
W. Publishing group

The author of this book writes about the many over-layers that ha happened to the basic message of Jesus. As a result, while we often speak about Jesus, there is a lack of clarity about the actual message and the vision that he shared with the people of his time. This lack of clarity of clarity can be attributed to the fact that there have been so many interpretations and theories about the message of Jesus. The author peels back all of those overlays and very clearly presents the message of Jesus. He also shows how that message is applicable today in the postmodern world. In the past theology has been defined as faith seeking understanding. But clarity gives a new understanding, which is faith seeking liberation. Thus we're able to see the one of the most important messages of Jesus was liberation, liberation from oppression, liberation from domination and manipulation, liberation from poverty and exaggerated attachment to wealth and power. He also shows that the basic message of Jesus was in many ways revolutionary in his day and can be in our day when we understand clearly the secret message of Jesus. Of course, when we read this book we find that the message of Jesus is no secret at all and as a matter of fact Jesus told his friends then, and his friends today, to proclaim his message to the whole world and by so doing bring liberation and freedom to all.

I found this a very refreshing book to read and moved me to re-read the Gospels again in order to clarify in my mind the real message of Jesus. I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching and seeking to have a better understanding of Jesus’ vision and his message