ANCESTRAL GRACE , Meeting God in Our Human Story, by Dairmuid O'Murchu publisher: Orbis Press


Book: ANCESTRAL GRACE , Meeting God in Our Human Story, by Dairmuid O'Murchu publisher: Orbis Press

If it is accurate that the human race, as a species, is seven million years old,what was God doing during that seven million years?

Ancestral Grace is definted as Divine creativity and the Divine creativity has been an ongoing evolutionary process for many years.The wonderful story of the human species , from our beginnings in Africa seven million years ago up to the present time and into the future mingles history, anthropogy, and spirituality to show that God has always been with us and has been active. The author has married science and religion in a way that makes a lot of sense and certainly broadens one's world view. Also, the author shows us that we are active participants is the evolutionary process, that we co-create with God. 

I found this book to be a very informative and inspiring read and highly recommend it.