Let Your Life Speak; subtitle, Listening to the Voice of Vocation


Book: Let Your Life Speak; subtitle, Listening to the Voice of Vocation

By: Parker J. Palmer

In this book Parker Palmer writes about his own struggle with identity and with the question of how he should be living his life. On the surface, he ha a very successful career however he does experience a deep depression. This depression becomes a blessing for him because he takes the time to listen to his inner voice and discover what it is he really and truly wants to do with his life. Referring to this depression he wrote; “once I understood that the problem was in here as well as out there the solution seemed clear”. By” inhere here” he meant that he was not really living out of his true self but rather his false self and the book describes how once he got in touch with his true self and the desires of his true self he found not only is true vocations but he also rediscovered the joy of living.

I suppose it's true to say that some people get caught up in a career that of itself may be very noble and very worthwhile and pay a good salary. But at the same time, there's a kind of an inner uneasiness, a questioning, wondering if this is all there is. The author of this book is able to tell us how important it is to stop, get off the treadmill, and be still ,be silent, and listen to the inner voice and  the inner will voice tell us what is our true vocation.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking or searching for their true vocation.