From Sand to Solid Ground by Michael Morwood


Book: From Sand to Solid Ground by Michael Morwood

Subtitle: Questions of Faith for Modern Catholics

Michael is a well known writer and Catholic educator. He has written several books which shed a fresh light on the belief and practices of Catholics..He has lectured n Australia and in North America.

It is clear from this book that the author is an excellent listener. He has listened to Catholics and has responded clearly and straight forward to their questions. In fact, a reader may find some personal questions in this book and the answer may be of help to you.

He writes about the question of the God shift, a God shift from a male God in the sky to the everywhere God, all around us and dwelling within us. He confronts the notion of God as an interventionist, a God who sometimes answers prayers and sometimes doesn’t.

Michael writes about Martin Luther and the issues he brought forward, especially the sale of indulgences, and his excommunication and the beginning of the Lutheran religions. This was followed by the Council of Trent in the 16th century at which time the hierarchy attempted to reform the Church.

Michael writes to show how theology, doctrine, layer after layer has hidden the basic message of Jesus and there needs to be a rolling back of this doctrine in order to focus on the teachings of Jesus.

This book is a good read and will enable you to understand how we arrived at where we are today and some of the changes that need to be made to help Christians live a more authentic life.