Eternal Life: a New vision by John Shelby Spong


Book: Eternal Life: a New vision by John Shelby Spong

beyond religion, beyond theism, beyond heaven and hell

Down through the centuries people have often asked the question; is there life after life? When they die is that it? It seems that people have been searching for the answer to this question for centuries. Many world religions have come up with answers for this question. John Shelby Spong in this book, eternal life a new vision, gives his own answer to the question of life after life, or eternal life. The author is well qualified to write about this topic. He has done his research, his many years of pastoral ministry, his own lived experience, have all led him to write about the topic of eternal life. In this book, the author will write about some ideas that some people may find unsettling, and these ideas will certainly be challenging to people who carry a traditional belief system. However, I think it's well worth while to read the whole book with an open mind and then decide for oneself what you want to hold as your own personal belief system.

For myself, it was it was as a student of physics that I came to believe in life after life. We were studying energy, and I heard the teacher say, that energy can never be destroyed but only transform. I knew I was an energy field, and of energy can only be transformed, then a death I will be transformed into some new form which I cannot imagine in the here and now.

For those who are questing and searching for some food for thought around the topic of life eternal and I would highly recommend this book to you. You will find it challenging, informative, and perhaps it will help you to come to your own idea about your own death and the death of others.