Field of Compassion


Book review: Field of Compassion

How the New Cosmology Is Transforming Spiritual Life

by: Judy Canato

Judy Canato is a well respected author and facilitates retreats and also acts as spiritual director to many people. In this book she examines the connection between science, spirituality, practice of compassion. She does a masterful job of linking together the universe story, the traditional faith story, and the kingdom of God. For a long time science has not been very receptive to the faith story. Many of those who hold the faith story are suspicious of science. Canato shows how those three stories are not really in conflict or in opposition to each other but rather can be brought together in such a creative and beautiful way that they are truly inspiring. All this leads to a new consciousness which is able to see the unifying dimension of all of creation. She makes generous use of the theology of Karl Rainer and his take on salvation. Salvation is not seen as an individual and private enterprise with the intention of saving one's soul and going to heaven. Rather salvation is understood as being co-creative in the evolutionary process. Cannato wrote;” salvation is not about” me” or “we” but about the cosmos as a whole. The author brings to light the important role of meditation in order to help people experience a whole new consciousness with the ability to see all of creation as one, that all is sacred, and where there is unity and diversity.

I have found this book to be a rich and informative read. It is help me in my own efforts to bring together the universe story, the traditional faith story, and the kingdom of God. It is a very hopeful story which requires those who respond to do so with courage and intention. I highly recommend this book to you if you feel that you are a searcher or a seeker on a journey.