Tuesday, March 8/16


Daily reflection: Tuesday: March 8/16


Gospel John 5:1... we reject Jesus cured the man who had been beside the pool for a long time and was always last  in the  into the water. Moved with compassion Jesus said to the man do you really want to be cured and he answered yes. Jesus said to him “stand up, take your mat and walk” which he did.. It seems that this man has lived a sinful life and was afraid of God and this fear of God became a psychosomatic illness so we experience the compassion of Jesus in a longer feared God, he was still able to let go his fear and win a dead a psychosomatic illness disappear and he was able to take up his mat and walk. It shows how fear of God can actually turn into a physical illness and  compassion can override the fear and the psychosomatic illness is healed.


Reflection: this story encourages us not to be afraid of God or matter what mistakes we may have made!


Prayer: Jesus the compassionate one, you were able to discern psychosomatic illnesses and as a result your compassion he held his heart and soul and is a list was cured. This story reminds me and inspires me not to fear God no matter what mistakes I may make and also gives me the courage to approach God with confidence. Amen