Monday, March 7/16


Daily reflections: Monday, March 7/16


Gospel John 4: 43... a royal official approaches Jesus tells him that his son is seriously ill and on the point of death. The Royal unofficial is not a Jew. A royal official wants Jesus to come to his house and heal his son. Jesus said to him,”Go, your son will live”and the slaves brought news that their son was now well. Jesus healed from a distance and by so doing he taught us a lesson. We do get healed from a distance... for across town, on the east to west coast, in Australia and the Yukon, in Egypt or Turkey, we can heal from a distance in and through our prayer. Prayer form I have felt for some time when I just know somebody is near at hand or far away, is to sit quietly, one person in my heart and surrounding a person with my love and the desire for that person\'s well-being. When it comes to prayer a person can be present to us in our hearts and who surround the person with healing is a powerful way of doing what Jesus did.


Reflection: do you often desire to do healing prayer for somebody at a distance?


Prayer: Jesus, in this Gospel story we learn that you healed people, just simply by holding that person in your heart and surrounding them with healing love. This Gospel story encourages me to continuing this practice of faith healing for those who may be ill or carry some other heavy burden and are far from me. Amen