Friday, March 4/16


Daily reflections: Friday: March 11/16


Gospel: John 7:1... Jesus knowing that the leaders were looking for an opportunity to kill him and yet he had the courage to go up to Jerusalem and speak in the temple. The people were asking the question, is Jesus really the Messiah and have our leaders in keeping this us? Then the authorities decided to arrest him, “no one made a  hand on him, because it\'s our not yet come”. This story kind of tells us that we do not control the time or the place where things are going to happen, the universe has its own timetable is beyond our control. We don\'t know the future we only know of the present and we have the trust of the universe and God will bring to our life what is in our best interest.


Reflection: do you think that you can control the timing or places for things that happen?


Prayer: Jesus, and Scripture you show very clearly that we are not able to control the future as to when things might happen or where. The future is not within our control and we wait  for the future to arrive in to the present and to trust God and the universe that is happening at the right time and in the right place. Amen


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