Tues. March 1/16


Daily reflection: Tuesday: March 1/16


Gospel Matthew 18:21... even in the day of Jesus being the author. His conflict, disagreement, and hurt feelings. Sometimes the anger was so strong, and the resentment so deep, that people often desired revenge and in fact did reach out with retaliation and violence. Peter asked Jesus, “how often should I forgive? ”Jesus replied to Peter “not seven times but, I tell you 77 times”. The number 77 was a sacred number to the people of the time and that there was no limit to the time that one must forgive. To forgive is to restore one to peace of mind and peace of soul. It\'s an act of love towards the one who has done the offense to that act of health for the one who forgives because holding on to anger and recent failure to love oneself and gain funds mental anguish and tension. To forgive another is a healthy thing to do and refuse to forgive is a very unhealthy thing to do. We must always love her softly enough to do the healthy thing.


Reflection: what do you think of the idea of forgiveness?


Prayer: Jesus, you experienced forgiveness from your own personal and social life. For many people who insulted you, criticize you, and even hated you yet your love for yourself gave you all the motivation you needed to forgive and not hold on to resentments. I pray for the grace I need to love myself enough to be a compassionate and forgiving person opens to reconciliation and healing. Amen