Monday, Feb.29/16


Daily reflections: Monday: February 29/16


 Luke 4:24... it seems that Jesus had a great way of making people very angry and as a matter of fact wanting to kill him. I often wonder why he would say things which angry people so much why do you want to kill and actually did try to kill, and these were good people who gathered in a synagogue for worship. As a preacher ever angered you so much that you wanted to throw prayer book at him? In today\'s Gospel, he insulted the people by telling them that God had healed other people rather than Israelites and the people believe that God belongs not to the Gentiles. They saw themselves something like country club and they were members of the club and everyone else was a outsider, so what was God doing media was outsiders was not healing them? This should sound familiar to Catholics because the one time we felt we had the true religion and everyone else was an outsider. The expected God to look after the Catholics first and foremost and sometimes help the non-Catholics. In the 21st century we have come to learn that God the God of all people but no one groups of people are excluded from his creative love and goodness.


Reflection: do you think that God plays favorites?


Prayer: God of the universe, we know that you are with you everywhere and everyone is loved unconditionally and experience your divine goodness everyday, all are included and no one is excluded. This means that we are people of God, must also be a people who are inclusive and exclude no one. Amen