Friday, Feb. 26/16


Daily reflections: Friday, February 26/16


Gospel Matthew 21:33... Jesus says in the temple teaching the people of the Pharisees came to question him. Jesus tells a story by saying that it is this way,”the stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone this was the Lord\'s doing”. This was Jesus way of telling the people that it did not take up seriously living of their religion, if their religion continued to be an offense to God, the practice of religion simply being external and not internal, the fact that the religion I become very legalistic and a burden for the people. Jesus telling them that if they don\'t make their religion like hearing from the people that he will be taken away from them and given to someone. Perhaps these words are appropriate for our time with the Christian religions are failing the people of God and many people no longer find Christianity convincing


Reflection: what ideas do you have to make Christianity more convincing critical thinkers?


Prayer: Jesus you warn the people of your day of the lack of sincerity and honesty in the prices of their religion. Today we are being reminded of religion is a matter of relationships of the heart and not the fruit of legalized or status quo. Our relationship with God and Jesus and with all of creation is the cornerstone of modern-day religion. Amen