Thursday, Feb.25/16


Daily reflections: Thursday: February 25/16


Gospel Luke 16:19... in this Gospel of Jesus teaches by way of a parable. He wraps a story about the rich man who had everything money could buy and a poor man who had nothing. When the poor man died he is richly rewarded and when the rich man dies the experiences deprivation and suffers. When people suggest that if a man rises from the dead then people will probably belief. Jesus replies to them, ”if they do not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced even if someone rises from the dead”. During his public ministry Jesus gave them enough to convince him that he was the true one and that they should listen to you and be convinced of his teachings and his way of life. Jesus rising from the dead wood not convinced them


Reflection: what convinces you to believe in Jesus and his way of living?


Prayer: Jesus, you loved people so dearly as you did love God and you wanted people to have that same kind of life of love and  so they have to change their mind.. Jesus, if people are going to be convinced today they have to be willing to change their mind and see goodness truth and beauty. Amen