Weds. Feb.24/16


Daily reflection: Wednesday: February 24/16


Gospel: Matthew 20:17... and the people still do not understand Jesus or what he was about when he spoke about the kingdom of God, a community of people who love each other unconditionally, and so we ask him stupid questions. A mother came and asked Jesus for a favor, the one son that may sit on his left and  the other son on his right hand, which would give them power and prestige, a feeling of pride and superiority over other people. Jesus simply said to them, “you do not know what you are asking for” and obviously they did not. They did not understand that Jesus said I came to serve not to be served, not to be at the top but do be at the bottom, not to want power over people, not to seek pride ,not to seek the first place, and as Jesus was humble he expected his followers to be humble as well.


Reflection: have you needed to struggle with pride and humility?


Prayer: Jesus, as you were disappointed with the mother of her two sons so we must be disappointed by power seeking people of today calling themselves your friend. I pray that I will choose the path of humility and resist any temptation to try to be powerful or important. Amen


LTC Leslie