Tuesday, Feb.23/16


Daily reflections: Tuesday: February 23/16


Gospel Matthew 23:1... we know that Jesus was a great teacher on the way of God and God\'s people. We know that Jesus practiced what he preached and as a result people felt they could trust him and trust in his teachings. However, Jesus was often very critical of the religious leaders of his day because as he said, they don\'t practice what they preach. Jesus said about the religious leaders, “they tie up heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on the shoulders of others, but they themselves are unwilling to lift a finger to move them”. We have seen this in our own day where can the law lays heavy burdens on people and sometimes those laws take precedence over the law of God. Sometimes, modern-day preachers do not practice what they teach. Pope Francis said that The church to be like a field hospital where the pastoral care of people, especially with those carrying the burden, should be the focus of those in ministry. Many people have enough burdens to carry without being burdened by useless laws.


Reflection: do you see yourself as a member of a field hospital?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, you not only taught the truth of God and the things of God but first of all and you always practice what you taught and you were a great example of compassion, and justice, and caring for the people of God. We all do well to learn from you, Jesus ,as we go about building a field hospital in our time and place. Amen