Mon Feb.22/16


Daily reflections: Monday: February 22/16


Gospel: Matthew 16:13... the disciples have been spending many hours and days with Jesus. They have built up a strong friendship with him, he had heard his teachings, he has seen his great works of healing, they are seen as great low and compassion for those carrying the burden. In Jesus eyes of time has arrived to ask them where do they stand? Jesus asked them a question, who will you say I am? I can imagine this question surprising the disciples, stopping them in their tracks, because with this question we have to look inside their hearts and come up with an answer. This is a question that Christians have to reflect on, think of yourself and your answer, who do you say I am? Who is Jesus for you,? How has Jesus changed your life for the better?


Reflection: how would you answer this question to Jesus and to yourself?


Prayer: Jesus, as I seriously reflect on this question I realize that there is no quick answer. I have to look deep into my heart and soul to find an answer and to see how my relationship with Jesus is taken me down a certain road in life for which I am very glad and happy. Amen