Thursday, Feb.18/16


Daily reflections: Thursday, February 18/16


Gospel:  Matthew 7:7... Jesus taught the people about the importance of prayer and trusting God when you pray. Then he gives a teaching that is at the core of every world religion, “in everything do to others as you would have them do to you”. Every world religion carry some form of this admonition and yet when we look out the world today we see injustice, violence and war, discrimination and the very rich and the very poor, even neighbors fighting with neighbors. It seems until people have experienced transformation we are  incapable of carrying out this teaching, for people who pray and ask for grace for growth and transformation we eventually will be able to live from the heart this teaching  and experience transformation and God\'s love for others.


Reflection: do you see the connection between prayer and the ability to do the right things to others?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, we read that you often spend the whole night in prayer and the grace of God brought you  growth and transformation so that you lived from the heart. I see the connection between prayer and doing right by others and intend to carry on silent prayer and meditation. Amen