Weds. Feb 17/16


Daily reflections: Wednesday: February 17/16


Gospel Luke 11: 29 ... day by day more people are coming to hear Jesus.. It seems they came out of curiosity and had no real hearts desire to bring his teachings alive in their own heart. You are satisfied with things as the way they were, their culture lacked justice, many people were oppressed, many other people were very poor but have no voice but somehow the people that are reached the point where they thought this is the right way for things to be, they never questioned the value of their culture and religion. It seems you are very apathetic and indifferent to any kind of genuine change. Jesus called them, “an evil generation ”and Jesus responded to them with, ”just as Jonah was a sign to the people of Nineveh so the Son of Man will be to this generation.” Jesus was a sign of growth and transformation in the hearts of the people, Jesus was assigned by the Spirit lived in their heart and they must honor the spirit, Jesus was a sign pointing to a whole new way of living, a way of life that build community as a way of overcoming individualism, Jesus was a sign of God\'s presence in their midst and of God\'s unconditional love for them. Jesus was a sign of good news for all the people if they would open their hearts and their souls to hear and internalize his wonderful teachings.


Reflection: how is Jesus a sign to you?


Prayer: Jesus , you were a sign to the people of your time, I sign of good news for all the people. You are still a sign of good news for the people of our time and like the people of old all we have to do is open a ears of our heart, to hear the word of God, and allow that word to take root within us so that it might grow and blossom and we will see that our heart is expanded by the power of the Spirit. Amen