Tues. Feb.16/16


Daily reflection: Tuesday: February 16/16


Gospel: Matthew 6:7... during the season of Lent people are encouraged to pray, as if they\'re not been praying all year, and so many of you will end up saying more and more prayers. In this Gospel Jesus surprises you with his teaching. He tells the people do not think that they will be heard because they use many words. Be not like what he says. Jesus reminds the people that, “God knows what you need before you ask him”. So prayer is not to inform God what you may need, or what others may need, rather he\'s teaching all of us to trust God and to show that trust by stepping out in faith and finding God for what we will be given. Saint Paul wrote” in all things thanks to God”. To thank God before you have received what you need or what shows a deep and abiding trust in the goodness of God and it also shows your trust in God. Sometimes the most fruitful prayer you sent quietly and give thanks to God for all you have received trusting that God will always look after you.


Reflection: do you practice thanking God before you receive what you need?





God of love, Jesus has reminded us that you know what we need without us asking and with out a multitude of vocal prayers, but rather to give thanks for the goodness of God who is dedicated to looking after us. Gracious God, moved by spirit I will sit quietly and thank you even before I receive your blessing and your gift. Amen