Friday, Feb.12/16


External Daily reflections: Friday: February 12/16


Gospel Matthew 9:14... in today\'s Gospel Jesus faces a question, why do we and the Pharisees fast often and you and your disciples do not fast? The answer Jesus gives them is that fasting is able to give people a false sense of religiosity. So many other religious leaders with fast in the marketplace, on the streets, with sad faces, it was all external. Jesus wanted teach people again that spirituality was not external but interior, within the heart and soul of people. It is so easy to get caught up in external in order to be seen by other people as pious and religious, and Jesus saw this as a false religion and the false spirituality. Fasting as a spiritual practice must spring from within the purpose of spiritual growth and a deeper love relationship with God and the things of God.


Reflection: reflect on your own idea about fasting!


Prayer: Jesus, you showed us that it\'s interior fasting which brings about growth and transformation of heart and soul, and enables us become more aware of God within and of God\'s unconditional love for us. I pray that the Spirit would give me the wisdom and insight to imitate the religious practices of Jesus. Amen