Thurs., Feb.12/16


Daily reflections:, Thursday, February 11/16


Gospel 29:22 Luke... things are moving along very well for Jesus, he has many followers who desire to be followers of him and in this directory gives them a taste of reality. Jesus says to them,”if you want to be a follower of me, you must deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow me.”This is classified as one of the hard sayings of Jesus, how many people wish to deny themselves of comfort, of entertainment, on security? How many people will be part of a community that will have to face a cross, that is some kind of suffering? Yet, Jesus tells them that this is going to be the reality that those who are faithful to him and his message. We know that most of the people refuse the challenge here because they did not want to deny themselves or embrace any kind of across. However, there were some men and women who stepped out in faith and said yes we will be a faithful follower of yours not knowing the future.


Reflection: how do you react to challenge of Jesus?


Prayer Jesus, you experienced self denial and eventually across a good Friday. You trusted in God and God did not fail you. Today we are modern disciples and then choose the challenge of Jesus we have to trust God knowing that God will not fail but will give us a courageous strength of our convictions.Amen