Tues. Feb.9/16


Daily reflections: Tuesday: February 9: 16


Gospel: Mark 7:1... on the one hand Jesus was becoming very popular with the people, however the Pharisees and the scribes were very critical of Jesus and his way of living. Frequently, Jesus and his disciples chose to live by a higher commandment, that is the law of love. As a result they very often violated many of the lesser rules and regulations that were put into place by the religious leaders, for example, the washing of hands, eating without purifying themselves, and not keeping many other traditions which they held sacred. Jesus said to them,” You hypocrites honor God with your lips but their hearts are far from me.... you abandon the commandment of God and hold to human tradition”.


Reflection: are we still doing the same thing today?


Prayer Jesus, you lived by a higher commandment that is the love of God and the love of all creation including people. You have shown us that living love will often create tension between the law of love and rules and regulations put in place by human. I pray for the grace of discernment so that we can always live the law of love even if it means disobeying a rule or regulation put in place by humans. Amen