Mon. Feb.8/16


Daily reflections: Monday: February 8/16


Gospel: Mark 6:53... in this story we see that Jesus reputation is growing very rapidly and that all of this compassion he will heal the sick and lift the burden is off their back. Recently, hope France is called the church a field hospital where people can come without question and find acceptance, hospitality, compassion, caring and healing. This is a wonderful image of church would reveal so clearly the mind and the heart of God for people carrying a burden of any kind whatsoever. No one is turned away, no one has to fill out form, no one is turned away because they don\'t meet requirements. In our world today are so many people carrying a heavy burden, concerns and worries, crosses and discouragement and yes even despair.


Reflection: do you experience your parish as a field hospital?


Prayer Jesus, Paul Francis tells us that you want the church to be a field hospital which would be more concerned about those carrying the burden rather than those who don\'t fit for one reason or another. I pray that those who lead our church will be inspired by the Spirit or turn it into a field hospital and not a fortress which bars people from the love and compassion of God. Amen