Friday, Feb.8/16


Daily reflections: Friday: February 5:16


Gospel: March 6: 14...Herod has placed John the Baptist in prison. Herod’s wife was angry at John and wanted to get rid of him. Her daughter danced before Herod and his company and Herod made a promise to her to get for her mother ahead of John the Baptist, which he and she gave it to her mother. This reminds me of the habit of blaming and the sad results of blaming another person out of anger or resentment. Today we live in a culture of blaming, blaming politicians, blaming religious leaders, blaming our neighbor, blaming a doctor or hospital, blaming the police, etc. It is one thing the whole leaders responsible and accountability without blaming you simply negative energy was never raised about change or transformation.


Reflection: do you see blaming as a problem in our culture?


Prayer: Jesus, you never blamed people for their mistakes but you did hold that religious leaders to accountability but never blaming them or anyone else for the mistakes which they made. I pray that I too can see through this game all blaming people, see that it is toxic energy which is good for nobody. I pray that I will not fall into the game of blaming others. Amen