Thursday, Feb.7/16


Daily reflections: Thursday: February 4/16


Gospel: Mark 6:7... Mark tells the story of sending his disciples out two by two, their task was to proclaim the good news to the people of the various villages, tell the people about Jesus and the good news that Jesus was sharing with the people in and through his teachings. What seems a little strange is that Jesus said to them,” take nothing for your journey except a staff, no bread, no bag, no money, wears sandals, and only tunic”. As I understand those instructions meant that the disciples had to trust and depend on the generosity of people. This is something Jesus did himself in order to show that he trusted God and that he trusts people to provide for his basic needs.


Reflect: what does the story say to you?


Prayer: Jesus , the type of people by example to trust in God and to trust in the goodness of people and you were not disappointed. I think one of the big lessons I learned from this story is that I too must trust God and trust in the goodness of people. Amen