Weds. Feb.4/16


Daily reflections: Wednesday: February 3: 16


Gospel Mark 6:1...  Mark writes about Jesus coming anyway to the synagogue and many who heard him were astounded and he asked the question, “where did this man get such wisdom that has been given to him”. At first the people appreciated his message and then they saw that his message was different than what the priests generally taught and suddenly turned on Jesus and complaining about him and to him. Jesus only response was to say to them that he was amazed at their unbelief. The people in the village knew Jesus from child and he knew each one of them because he grew up in the village. It\'s the old story of a hometown boy is not trusted by his old friend.


Reflection: have you spoken to a friend and because you are too close he/she will not hear you?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, many had a closed mind to you in the village and amongst the people who knew you as a young boy growing up. As they had a closed mind to you 2000 years ago so today many people have a closed to your word today. I pray for an open heart and open mind and meditate on your word and allow it  to rest in my heart and soul. Amen