Monday, Feb.1/16


The reflection: Monday: February 1: 16


Gospel: Mark 5:1.. In this gospel mark tells the story of a man who is mentally ill and Jesus healed him. The man is deeply grateful and wants to become a follower of Jesus but Jesus said he would rather him, “go home to your friends and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what compassion he has shown you ”. God\'s grace does so much for all of us and there seems to be a reluctance to tell other many times this reluctance springs from fear, the fear of not being believed, a fear of ridicule and as a result the person remains silent. It\'s clear that Jesus wants us speak out to people share our experience of God, the way in which God\'s grace operates in our life. There is also the many blessings that come our way every day, and we need to be courageous enough to share those experiences and by so doing we are telling people of the wonderful love of God and how God changes our life for the better.


Reflection: are you able to remember an experience of God in your life? Did you tell anyone?


Prayer: God of love, very often your love and your grace have been a blessing for me and I realized from this passage that I must overcome my fear and share my story to help to build up the faith of other people. I realize that other people telling me their story of their God experience has certainly strengthen my faith. Amen