Friday, Jan.29/15


Daily reflections: Friday, January 29/16


Gospel Mark 4:26........ Jesus was always known as a great teacher. However, his methodology for teaching was to tell a story, what we call a parable, and challenged his listeners to search for the meaning, and meeting which would enrich their lives and inspire them live their lives fully as humans. In today\'s Gospel Jesus tells the parable of the seed that is sown and as the seed blossoms and grows it becomes a big tree and birds can make their nest in the tree. Then there is the parable of the seed was sown, it blossoms in grows, and provides a rich harvest. Jesus says that those two parables tell you something about the kingdom of God. The people were often puzzled by the parable as we are today. However, do not take the parable literally rather as a sacred story that carries within it a meeting for living a life and by your pondering will find the seed that will grow within and enable you to become more fully human and more fully alive.


Reflection: I invite you to ponder one of these parable ask yourself, what do I find for me in the parable?


Prayer: Jesus the teacher, your teachings are rich and full of meaning and purpose. I pray that the Holy Spirit would like me so I can gain some knowledge and inspiration for the living of my life. Amen