Weds. Jan.27/16


Daily reflections: Wednesday: January 27/16


Gospel: Mark 4:1... Jesus is teaching a large crowd of people and he uses a parable to teach them and to challenge them to think for themselves. It\'s about farmer sowing seed. Some seed fell on a path and the birds came and ate the seeds, some fell on rocky ground, some seed fell among thorns... all of these died. Some seed fell on good soil brought for a large harvest. The seeds that fell on good soil and brought forth a great harvest is a symbol for people taking the word of God, allowed to blossom and grow, and the harvest is a life of compassion and justice, doing good for others.


Reflection: do you see yourself as you seed planted in your soul and bringing forth compassion and justice and doing good for others?


Prayer: Jesus, we have received a good seed in the good soil of our heart and here it has blossom and grown to make us who we are today, a person of compassion, justice, actively doing good work. We thank you that the power of the seed, which is your word, has been such a blessing for all of us. Amen