Tuesday, Jan.26/16


The reflection: Tuesday: January 26/16


Gospel: Luke 10:1... in yesterday\'s Gospel Jesus sent the 12 disciples to proclaim the good news to the people. In today\'s Gospel Jesus sends out 70 people aren\'t overbearing villages and proclaim the good news to the people. He tells him that they will not always be well received that they may run into rejection and anger. However, he told them that when the townspeople welcomed them in all the hospitality we are to minister to the people by Curing at sick, being satisfied with their hospitality, and tell them that, “the kingdom of God has come near you”. Yesterday\'s Gospel spoke about the good news to bring to the people and they would know about the kingdom of God happening in their midst, the people will become aware of God\'s presence in their midst because all the love that is displayed. First, the hospitality and the love of the people welcomed the disciples, secondly, their experience of the love of God which brought healing to the people, this kind of dynamic at work shows forth Gods love by curing and it shows God\'s love by the hospitality of the people and where there is love given and received there is the kingdom of God.


Reflection: do you see the love you receive is the experience of the kingdom of God in action?


Prayer: Jesus compassion one , it was your desire to establish what we call the kingdom of God, the kingdom of God is relationship, loving and caring relationships with people are nurtured and built up. I pray that as a person of God I will show forth the presence of the kingdom of God by loving and affirming every individual  each day.